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Planet Generator from The Unknown Regions

Region: Expanse

Star System: WQX84843-IR
Star Type: Single star system
Planets: 9

Planet type: Terrestrial
Planet's Moons: 2
Atmosphere: None
Hours per day: 32
Days per year: 400
Climate: None
Dominant Enviroment: Barren (boulder, fields, canyons, dusty, eroded badlands, rocky)
Gravity: Standard

Sentients: Hundreds of thousands
Technilogical Development: Middle Age
Government: Organized Crime
Economy: Entertainment
Significant Feature: Nearly constant earthquakes
Cultural Quirks: Males are not allowed to speak in public
Family Customs: The family ancestral weapon is given as a token of betrothal
Cities / Architecture: Cities are built on massive barges, and the land is untouched by civilization