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Planet Generator from The Unknown Regions

Region: Shiritoku Spur

Star System: LEM00408-NV
Star Type: Binary star system
Planets: 8

Planet type: Asteroid field or belt (no satellites)
Atmosphere: Breath mask required
Hours per day: 34
Days per year: 617
Climate: Temperate
Dominant Enviroment: Craters (deep, massive, overlapping, shallow, water filled)
Gravity: Low

Sentients: Billions
Technilogical Development: Stone Age
Government: Theocracy
Economy: None (abandoned cites/colony/station)
Significant Feature: Battlefield, ancient or recent
Cultural Quirks: Ships are treated as sentient beings
Family Customs: When a ship jumps to hyperspace, the cockpit lights are extinguished in remembrance of family members lost in space
Cities / Architecture: Every building features a representation of a historical figure, such as a bust, a statue, or a painting