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Planet Generator from The Unknown Regions

Region: The Outer Rim

Star System: TLH26592-NU
Star Type: Triple star system
Planets: 6

Planet type: Terrestrial
Planet's Moons: None
Atmosphere: Breathable
Hours per day: 11
Days per year: 339
Climate: Superheated
Dominant Enviroment: Plains (grassy, salt, savanna, steppes)
Gravity: Low

Sentients: A few hundred
Technilogical Development: Atomic
Government: Technocracy
Economy: Agricultural
Significant Feature: Frequent ion storms
Cultural Quirks: There is no concept of ownership - anything anyone wants, he or she takes
Family Customs: If a wife dies, the husband must join a monastic order
Cities / Architecture: Residences have no furniture that touches the floor