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Planet Generator from The Unknown Regions

Region: Inner Rim

Star System: PJR89333-DZ
Star Type: Triple star system
Planets: 2

Planet type: Dwarf planet
Planet's Moons: None
Atmosphere: Hazardous environment suit required
Hours per day: 43
Days per year: 786
Climate: Arid
Dominant Enviroment: Mountainous (ancient and worn, jagged, massive ranges, peaks, pinnacles, spires, rocky hills)
Gravity: High

Sentients: Billions
Technilogical Development: Technologically advanced
Government: Confederation
Economy: High technology
Significant Feature: Crater, hundreds of kilometers deep
Cultural Quirks: Droids are first-class citizens and organics are slaves
Family Customs: A deceased relative is buried with the flowers of the last family bride, and bride wears jewelry belonging to the last deceased relative
Cities / Architecture: Every building features a representation of a historical figure, such as a bust, a statue, or a painting