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Planet Generator from The Unknown Regions

Region: Wild Space

Star System: SPH86779-UK
Star Type: Single star system
Planets: 4

Planet type: Terrestrial
Planet's Moons: None
Atmosphere: Breathable
Hours per day: 18
Days per year: 403
Climate: Temperate
Dominant Enviroment: Desert (arid, dusty, frozen, hot, sandy, searing, rocky)
Gravity: Low

Sentients: Hundreds of thousands
Technilogical Development: Computerized
Government: Corporatocracy
Economy: Exploration
Significant Feature: Battlefield, ancient or recent
Cultural Quirks: Any gift accepted must be refused three times first
Family Customs: Only unmarried beings can carry weapons in public
Cities / Architecture: Every city has a large city center featuring an artificial environment completely different from the planet's natural climate