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The Star Wars RPG Saga Edition
14 Books containing:

475 Actions, 93 Armors, 97 Beasts, 559 Characters, 71 Classes,
227 Droids, 224 Equipment items, 391 Feats, 90 Force Powers,
15 Force Secrets, 56 Force Techniques, 90 Planets,
148 Species, 1368 Talents, 422 Vehicles, 237 Weapons!

The Star Wars RPG Online Index
If you have tried to use the indexes at the back of the books,
then you will really appreciate our Online Index.

Sortable Species List (a taste of what members enjoy)
One Page Character Sheet
Benefits for Members only:
MEMBERSHIP: Our plan for world domination. Or, the only way we could think of to record the content you create here. All you need for a membership is an email and a password. The only email we will send you is if you forget your password and ask to have it emailed it to you.
NEW: Character Planner (Plan out all 20 levels)
Character Sheet (Drop downs, calc stats, prerequisites, import, and much more)
Character Generator (Export to Character Sheet)
Game Platform (Play together even when you are not together)
Planet Generator
Sortable Weapons List, Short Character Sheets,
Share Characters with other members, and more...

Game Platform
The Game Platform is a game board with chat room and a dice roller. You can role play with friends via the game platform even when you are in different cities or countries.

Here's how it works:
The player who will GM:
1. Creates campaign (click a button and assign a password)
2. Builds maps in the map builder
3. Assigns npc's to the maps
4. Sets a game time.
5. At game time, the GM creates a chat room on the game platform
The players log in, enter the campaign # and the password. The Game Platform comes up with the crawl screen on the left, and a chat room and dice roller on the right.
The players all log into the chat room, and play can begin.

Game Platform